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Airship 1.0.0

I'll keep this brief. Go read The PHP Security Platinum Standard: Raising the Bar with CMS Airship for the release announcement.

If you're looking for the place to sign up for a supplier account to make your own extensions, you want instead. (Warning: kind of ugly, need to update the CSS when I get a chance.)

Otherwise, feel free to create an account here and enjoy your stay.


  • You can now move or rename directories in our custom page system.
  • Added an AJAX endpoint for clearing the cache remotely.
  • Fixed Javascript race conditions that prevented the rich text editor from loading reliably.
  • Cabins, Motifs, and Gadgets can now be disabled (and remain installed).
  • Cabins, Motifs, and Gadgets can now be uninstalled.
  • Added a help/support page that displays system information (for privileged users only) and links to the documentation and this Github repository.
  • Administrators can post announcements which show up on the Bridge dashboard when users log in. Once a user has read an announcement, they may dismiss the message.
  • Bugfix: The Content-Security-Policy management tools didn't allow users to allow data: URIs because of a Twig template error. Instead of slicing at [-4:], we were slicing at [4:].

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