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Cryptographically Secure Pseudorandom Number Generator

Airship 1.0.0

I'll keep this brief. Go read The PHP Security Platinum Standard: Raising the Bar with CMS Airship for the release announcement.

If you're looking for the place to sign up for a supplier account to make your own extensions, you want instead. (Warning: kind of ugly, need to update the CSS when I get a chance.)

Otherwise, feel free to create an account here and enjoy your stay.

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Airship Beta 3 Released

The final beta is here.

This should be the last beta release before we tag version 1.0.0. When 1.0.0 is tagged, Airship will be in the scope of our bug bounty on HackerOne.

Paragon Initiative Enterprises is a little different from most vendors: We can tolerate full disclosure. Any updates we release will be deployed, by default, within an hour of their availability.

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Airship Beta 2 Released

One massive engineering effort completed. The remaining steps should be painless.

Get Airship

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