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Welcome to the Public Airship Beta

Welcome to the public CMS Airship beta.

This domain demonstrates unreleased, in-development features of our upcoming CMS. What you are seeing is the current master branch. As soon as v0.2.0 is released, we'll begin working on the features for v0.3.0 and they'll be publicly visible here.

Is that it? Just a public demo for your CMS?

Well, no, not quite. This will also serve as the hub for my random stuff that doesn't really belong on the company website at all. Not because it's necessarily unprofessional, but rather because it's high-noise, low-signal for the work Paragon Initiative Enterprises does.

So, welcome, enjoy your stay, and eventually this will morph into something fun.

P.S. the old hello world URL should now be redirecting to this URL. That's a new feature: If you delete an old blog post or custom web page, you can set up a HTTP 301 redirect to a new destination. This is a good UX win for your visitors.

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